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graphic design

I’m a published writer!

I just had an article published in Restaurant News of the Rockies, a newspaper serving the hospitality, food service, equipment, food, beverage, and supply industry in the 8 state mountain region. It’s an article about the power of the website that they asked me to write for them after designing and developing their web site. You can download a copy of the current issue at :

Wonderful things found through mindless surfing

Came across this pretty entertaining band from Israel called  Monotonix. I don’t know if they always play in the middle of the crowd like this but it looks like a really rowdy fun time. Apparently the Seattle police shut down this particular show after 14 minutes. I wish I would have went to see them when they were in town a couple of weeks ago!

I came across this really cool stop motion animation on The Nerdist blog (which I recommend if you have not visited). Pretty cool what you can do with a few candles and a little imagination.

Awesome new video by BLU

I was first introduced to BLU in a flash class a couple of years ago. Even if he is not your cup of tea, you have to be impressed by the creativity and the amount of work that go in to his pieces. This is the newest video.