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Danny Macaskill

Ok, I used to say when we came across a section of trail that no one could clean “Hans Rey could do it!” I guess I will have to update that and say “Danny Macaskill could do it! I’m amazed how he combines his trials type skills with so much speed.

On a totally different tangent, it’s no wonder so many different people despise cyclists. Why have we as a group gotten so caught up in having our best performance every time we go riding that we can’t even be civil to each other? If I’m riding in a race I expect someone to yell and be abrupt when they come up behind me on some singletrack. But come on, when I’m out enjoying some singletrack on a Sunday afternoon a nice “Hey I’m going to pass when you get to a good spot” would be very appreciated. I wish it wasn’t true but the days of mountain bikers being a community has fell by the wayside. I loaned my pump to a guy with a flat and he acted like this was the greatest thing anyone had done for him on a trail. This used to be the norm not the exception. If you are going to have a crappy attitude out on the trail stay home!

  • September 25th, 2011
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