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New Supersuckers Music!

I had kind of given up on the Supersuckers but there might be some life left in the old band after all. I miss Rontrose Heathman on guitar but this track at least has me looking forward to the new album. Just plain good old rock and roll which in this day and age is pretty much a lost art form.

Random Shenanigans

Today was one of those days where I just picked something at random to listen to out of my collection and had a “why don’t I listen to these guys all the time(?)moment” . Today it was Thee Oh Sees album Floating Coffin. Thee Oh Sees are a little psychedelic, garage, at times even prog rock, weird, and generally fun. Hear is a song for you to check out.

Cyclocross is something I always think about doing but never seem to get around to. The idea of racing regardless of weather and trail conditions on a bike with skinny tires is pretty cool. I’m really impressed with these rider’s technical skill as well as their lung capacity. If you are not doing anything Thanksgiving morning this would be a fun race to check out.

Thanksgiving morning cyclocross racing! Great mix of Bear Creek Trail System. Run up, barriers, sand, fun, fast. Course will not be marked prior to race but all trails used are near Pelican Point. Racers can preview course when official announces it’s all clear. We’re going to have some awesome Thanksgiving themed surprises so come on out and suffer!

All the proceeds of the race go to Colorado Flood Relief, so come out and support the race

Start/Finish/Parking will be at the Pelican Point Picnic Area.
Bear Creek Lake Park
15600 W Morrison Rd
Lakewood, CO

Danny Macaskill

Ok, I used to say when we came across a section of trail that no one could clean “Hans Rey could do it!” I guess I will have to update that and say “Danny Macaskill could do it! I’m amazed how he combines his trials type skills with so much speed.

On a totally different tangent, it’s no wonder so many different people despise cyclists. Why have we as a group gotten so caught up in having our best performance every time we go riding that we can’t even be civil to each other? If I’m riding in a race I expect someone to yell and be abrupt when they come up behind me on some singletrack. But come on, when I’m out enjoying some singletrack on a Sunday afternoon a nice “Hey I’m going to pass when you get to a good spot” would be very appreciated. I wish it wasn’t true but the days of mountain bikers being a community has fell by the wayside. I loaned my pump to a guy with a flat and he acted like this was the greatest thing anyone had done for him on a trail. This used to be the norm not the exception. If you are going to have a crappy attitude out on the trail stay home!

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1960 Cyclocross video

This is a pretty neat video of a 1960 era cyclocross race. I doubt you would see someone fling their $4,000 cyclocross bike across the river these days.

I’m a published writer!

I just had an article published in Restaurant News of the Rockies, a newspaper serving the hospitality, food service, equipment, food, beverage, and supply industry in the 8 state mountain region. It’s an article about the power of the website that they asked me to write for them after designing and developing their web site. You can download a copy of the current issue at :

Old Guys Rule!!

I have to admit even though I try to keep up with what’s new in the music world, a lot of the “alternative” music coming out these days is pretty freaking boring and wimpy. It’s pretty bad that when I do actually listen to the radio I listen to the knuckle dragger metal station. Even though it’s fairly mindless crap, at least it does not put you to sleep.

At least we still have old guys like Nick Cave to wake us up once in a while. If you have not heard his Grinderman project check the album out for a sleazy, dirty, and slightly chaotic mess of rock and roll.

Their next album imaginatively called Grinderman 2 is coming out September 14th on Anti-  Records. You can listen to the first single Heathen Child below. If you feel like taking a shower after listening I understand.

Heathen Child by MuteRecords

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We need to change our way of thinking about jobs

I’m not one to stand on my political soapbox very often but this article really struck a nerve with me. Having worked at a manufacturing company for many years that really struggled to keep things going at times due to really unfavorable support from local and national government I have seen what this article talks about first hand. Our economy will continue to struggle as long as all decisions are based on the bottom line and what our Wall Street numbers look like. Support companies who make quality products here. Take 15 minutes and read the article at this link:

Wonderful things found through mindless surfing

Came across this pretty entertaining band from Israel called  Monotonix. I don’t know if they always play in the middle of the crowd like this but it looks like a really rowdy fun time. Apparently the Seattle police shut down this particular show after 14 minutes. I wish I would have went to see them when they were in town a couple of weeks ago!

I came across this really cool stop motion animation on The Nerdist blog (which I recommend if you have not visited). Pretty cool what you can do with a few candles and a little imagination.

Super Crazy Rainbow Guy

Okay, I realize that this blog has just turned into me posting a lot of videos, but I just couldn’t resist posting this one. We should all get this  excited about life’s little pleasures. (well maybe not this excited)

Awesome new video by BLU

I was first introduced to BLU in a flash class a couple of years ago. Even if he is not your cup of tea, you have to be impressed by the creativity and the amount of work that go in to his pieces. This is the newest video.